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And I Became A Calm Mother

A book that simulates the heart of every loving mother for herself and her children, and seeks to develop her

Bader’S Bubble Story 3Rd Edition

Story in Arabic for children to help them learn to accept differences and embrace diversity. Stimulate imagination, language, and social

Dinoo Gift Story

Dino Dinosaur is a little boy who loves to play, and his parents gave him a gift that he always

Hermas, The Bully Small Tiger Story, +3

Hermas, a small tiger enjoys anooyting others. Guess … Will Hermas continue in that ? A story about bullying, aiming

Intelligence Cards For Children, Age+2

20 High-Quality Arabic/English child intelligence Development Card Intelligence cards stimulate the child’s thinking, strengthen his focus and increase his vocabulary

Lala Imaginary Story

Lala imaginary story was written to support parents’ efforts in developing the communication and interaction skills for stubborn children getting


An arabic book that has inspiring stories based on true events,Written by Dr Hadeel Faras ?? ???? ?? ??? ????

Nour’S Balloon Story 2Nd Edition

The story in Arabic for children to help them deal with anger in an imaginative way. Stimulate imagination, language, and

Ouf… Righteousness To Parents

?Ouf? A story for children about the importance of respecting parents and giving back to them their love and care

Zeenat Hayati Book, A Journey To Raise Smart And Confident Child

الإصدار الجديد للدكتورة هديل الفرس بعنوان “زينة حياتي”. . كتاب مختلف عن بقیة الكتب، تنطلق معه في رحلة ممتعة، تعبر