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Barbie – Blue Swimwear Beach Doll

KWD4.600 KWD4.100
Barbie doll and her friends always love a beach day! And dressed for the water, they are ready for summer

Barbie Ballerina Ast

KWD5.900 KWD5.300
Take center stage with Barbie ballerina dolls! Wearing a classic ballerina look, each beautiful doll features a molded lace-up bodice

Barbie Beach Doll Ast

KWD4.600 KWD4.100
Product Features It’s a beach day — and this doll looks sun-sational She wears a fabulously patterned one-piece swimsuit Colors

Barbie Beach Doll Pink Mattel Floral Bikini

KWD4.600 KWD4.100
Barbie doll and her friends are ready for fun in the sun! Whether heading to the beach or the pool,

Barbie Blonde Tennis Player Doll

KWD8.100 KWD7.300
Explore a world of competitive fun with the Barbie? Tennis Player doll! When a girl plays with Barbie?, she imagines

Barbie Breathe With Me Barbie

KWD17.900 KWD16.100
Barbie doll knows the way to be one’s best is to give yourself the best care! This meditation-themed doll celebrates

Barbie Club Chelse Doll+Pony

KWD14.000 KWD12.600
?Ride into playtime with Chelsea and her adorable pony ?Seat Chelsea doll on the sweet pony’s bright saddle — don’t

Barbie Cr Mermaid Ast

KWD8.100 KWD7.300
Barbie? mermaid doll bends at the waist so kids can pretend she’s “swimming” in the sea or sit her up

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Spin N-Twirl Gymnast

KWD17.600 KWD15.800
Storytellers will flip for Teresa Spin ‘n Twirl gymnast doll, inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, in a shimmery leotard with

Barbie Dreamtopia Dress-Up Gift Set

KWD17.900 KWD16.100
With this Barbie Dreamtopia doll and the 3-in-1 fantasy play set, children can take the Barbie doll on imaginative fairytale

Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Green Tail

KWD8.100 KWD7.300
Barbie Dreamtopia mermaid dolls shine in rainbow brights and inspire young imaginations to dive into storytelling! This Barbie mermaid doll

Barbie Dreamtopia Non-Feature Hairplay Doll

KWD8.200 KWD7.400
With fantasy-colored hair, Barbie? Dreamtopia princess doll inspires young stylists to dream up all kinds of dos! She has extra-long