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A Day In The Jungle

DESCRIPTION PLOT The playful animals all live in the jungle together and have many adventures in social-emotional learning. Sometimes, they

Al-Jasoos Game

Many places, and a spy. Can you catch the spy before he discovers your place?! You need to be smart

Balla3 Albaiza Game

This game depends on intelligence and how to calculate numbers sequence to steal as many coins from other players. Fast

Bellail Game

Two teams good and evils. The game depends on thinking on all possibilities to know the good and evils. It

Camel Up

In Camel Up, up to eight players bet on five racing camels, trying to suss out which will place first

Chalak & chuckles Caring Cats Makermax Puzzle

Find MAKERMAX & his friends creating happy things to give to others. What an AWESOME way to spend your day

Classic Games – Ludo

Crazy – board strategy game with a random element for 2-4 players. The essence of Ludo’s game is to line

Dig Up

Includes a maze of path , Children get an opportunity to playfully develop visual tracking skill, which is essential for

Disney Frozen Ii Monopoly

“Journey through Arendelle and beyond! In this Monopoly Board Game: Disney Frozen 2 Edition, players travel around the board buying

Etaarf Egalik?

Do you know your mind? It is a family game based on guessing as all participants in the game do


A purely and innovative Kuwaiti version, a right of unity, one of the most famous international games. This is a

Hanthal Game

If you are smart and lucky .. you will get rid of your cards easily. But if you have bad